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Empowering Your Network: The Exceptional Benefits of the Meraki Router

User Story: June 11, 2023

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In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses of all sizes require a reliable, secure, and high-performance networking solution. Meraki Routers, part of Cisco’s comprehensive Meraki portfolio, offer the perfect blend of advanced features, scalability, and ease of management to meet the demands of modern networking environments. In this article, we will delve into the world of Meraki Routers, giving you a comprehensive understanding of what makes them the ideal choice for your business.

A5 IT is a leading provider of IT and networking solutions, empowering businesses of all sizes to excel in their respective industries. With an extensive range of products and services, including Switches, Licenses, Security Cameras, Firewalls and Routers, and more, A5 IT provides clients with the tools they need to maximize productivity, efficiency, and security.

What is a Meraki Router?

A Meraki Router is a cloud-managed networking device that provides secure and reliable routing for your business’s traffic. It is a part of Meraki’s extensive product lineup, which includes Access Points (APs), Firewalls, and Cellular Gateways, among other components.

Meraki Routers are designed to offer simplified management, advanced security features, and seamless integration with the Meraki cloud-based dashboard. This dashboard allows users to manage and monitor their entire network infrastructure from a single pane of glass, regardless of the size or location of their organization.

Available in various models to cater to the specific needs of organizations, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises, Meraki Routers provide business owners with a scalable, reliable, and secure solution that grows alongside their venture. Some popular Meraki Router models include Meraki MX64, Meraki MX65, Meraki MX84, Meraki MX100, Meraki MX250, Meraki MX450, Meraki Z3, and Meraki Z3C.

Key Benefits of Meraki Routers

  1. Cloud-Managed Networking: Meraki Routers leverage the power of cloud technology to provide centralized management of your network infrastructure. With the easy-to-use Meraki dashboard, administrators can manage multiple devices, monitor network health, and access advanced analytics from a single location.
  2. Advanced Security Features: Meraki Routers are equipped with built-in security features designed to protect your network from cyber threats. With firewall capabilities, VPN support, intrusion prevention, and content filtering, businesses can ensure that their data remains safe and secure.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: As your business grows and your networking requirements change, Meraki Routers can easily scale to accommodate the new demands. With easy expansion options and support for a wide range of network devices, users can build a resilient and secure infrastructure that evolves with their organization.
  4. Seamless Integration: Meraki Routers seamlessly integrate with other Meraki products and solutions. This ensures a unified and interconnected networking environment with consistent visibility, control, and security across all devices.
  5. Performance and Reliability: Meraki Routers are designed to deliver consistent and reliable performance, ensuring that your network remains up and running without any unforeseen interruptions.

Meraki Router Features That Set Them Apart

Meraki Routers come with advanced features that simplify the management of your network and enhance its security. These features make them stand out from traditional routers, ensuring an efficient and future-proof networking solution for businesses across various industries. Key features of Meraki Routers include:

Centralized Cloud Management

The Meraki Cloud Dashboard offers a centralized and intuitive platform to manage and monitor your entire network, including Meraki Routers and other devices. It enables administrators to configure and deploy devices, view real-time network health and usage statistics, and troubleshoot issues from a single location. This cloud management system saves time, reduces operational costs, and streamlines the overall management process.

Auto VPN

Auto VPN is a Meraki feature that automates the process of setting up and managing secure site-to-site VPN tunnels between Meraki devices. This functionality allows for easy establishment of secure connections between remote sites or branches, and the central office, without the complexity of traditional VPN configurations. Auto VPN simplifies VPN deployment by automatically handling the necessary configurations, authentication, and key exchange, ensuring enhanced security with minimal manual interference.

Application-aware Traffic Shaping

Meraki Routers are equipped with application-aware traffic shaping capabilities, allowing administrators to prioritize and control network traffic based on specific applications, usage patterns, and user policies. This feature helps to optimize bandwidth allocation, ensuring high-priority applications receive the required resources while reducing the impact of non-critical or bandwidth-consuming applications.

Advanced Threat Protection and Content Filtering

Meraki Routers contain built-in advanced security features such as intrusion prevention and content filtering to help protect your network from cyber threats. Intrusion prevention uses a combination of reputation-based and signature-based protection mechanisms to prevent malicious traffic from entering and leaving the network. Content filtering capabilities allow administrators to set policies restricting access to specific websites or categories, further enhancing network security by only allowing approved content.

Seamless Firmware and Software Updates

Meraki Routers receive regular firmware and software updates through the Meraki Dashboard, ensuring that your devices are always up-to-date with the latest security patches and feature enhancements. These updates occur automatically, without network disruption or requiring manual effort, making it easy to keep your network secure and performing at its best.

How A5 IT and Meraki Routers Can Power Your Business Success

A5 IT is committed to empowering businesses of all sizes with the tools and resources required to achieve success in the digital world. As a trusted technology partner, A5 IT offers a full range of IT and networking products designed to help businesses maximize productivity, security, and efficiency.

By choosing A5 IT to supply and support your Meraki Router deployment, you can be confident that you will receive unparalleled expertise and dedicated assistance every step of the way. From the initial consultation to post-deployment support, we are here to help your business select and set up the optimal router solution for your specific requirements.

Maximize your network’s potential by protecting it with industry-leading Meraki Security Cameras, supported by A5 IT’s team of IT professionals. Browse our FAQ section to find answers to common questions about our products and services, or reach out to our team for tailored solutions that fit your networking needs.

Explore A5 IT’s website for more information on our privacy policy, terms and conditions, and returns and refunds policy.

By harnessing the power of Meraki Routers and A5 IT’s expertise, businesses can benefit from a reliable, secure, and high-performance network infrastructure, positioning themselves for long-term growth and success in the digital landscape.

Selecting the Right Meraki Router for Your Business Needs

With a variety of Meraki Router models available, it’s essential to select the right one that caters to your business’s unique networking requirements. To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore some popular Meraki Router models and their key features:

Meraki MX64 and MX65

Ideal for small businesses or branch locations, the Meraki MX64 and MX65 models offer advanced security and flexible connectivity options. These models come with built-in SD-WAN and automatic failover capabilities to ensure uninterrupted connectivity and improved application performance. The MX65 also features eight Gigabit Ethernet ports for added functionality.

Meraki MX84

Targeted towards medium-sized businesses, the Meraki MX84 model provides higher throughput and advanced security features. Supporting up to 500 clients, this model is perfect for organizations requiring a more robust solution to handle increased network demands. In addition, the MX84 model comes with ten Gigabit Ethernet ports for flexible connectivity options.

Meraki MX100

Designed for enterprises or businesses with larger networks, the Meraki MX100 model delivers enhanced performance and security across multiple locations. This router can handle up to 2,000 clients, providing ample capacity to support your organization’s growing needs.

Meraki MX250 and MX450

The Meraki MX250 and MX450 models cater to the needs of large enterprises, offering exceptional performance and advanced security features. With support for up to 5,000 and 10,000 clients, respectively, these models are designed to handle massive network loads with ease. These routers also offer advanced SD-WAN capabilities and high-availability options to ensure your network maintains top-notch performance and resiliency.

Meraki Z3 and Z3C

Built for teleworkers or small remote sites, the Meraki Z3 and Z3C models are compact and versatile, providing secure, enterprise-grade connectivity in a small package. These routers come with integrated 802.11ac Wi-Fi and an integrated phone system, making them perfect for remote work environments. The Z3C model also includes a cellular uplink option for added flexibility.

Enhance Your Network Performance with Additional Meraki Solutions

To achieve the ultimate network performance and security, consider supplementing your Meraki Router with additional Meraki solutions. A5 IT offers a plethora of complementary products to help your business unleash its full potential, such as:

  • Meraki Access Points (APs): Extend the reach of your network and provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience to your clients and employees with Meraki Access Points.
  • Meraki Switches: Improve your network’s performance, control, and monitoring with Meraki Switches that integrate seamlessly with your Meraki Router.
  • Meraki Security Cameras: Enhance your physical security with Meraki Security Cameras, offering advanced analytics and centralized management.
  • Meraki Licensing and Support: Ensure continuous access to vital software updates, support, and warranty services with Meraki licensing and support plans.

Before adding any new device to your network, be sure to consult with A5 IT’s expert team to determine the best solutions for your specific needs and to create a comprehensive and reliable network architecture.

Implementing and Managing Meraki Routers: Best Practices for Success

To fully capitalize on the benefits of Meraki Routers, your business should adopt best practices for implementation and ongoing management. In this section, we’ll provide guidance to help ensure a smooth and secure network deployment, leveraging Meraki Router’s advanced features and A5 IT’s expertise.

1. Prepare for Deployment

Before implementing your Meraki Router, take the time to analyze your current network infrastructure and requirements. This includes determining the number of network devices, users, security policies, and virtual networks (VLANs) needed. Additionally, make sure to assess your network growth projections, so you can select a scalable Meraki Router model that meets future demands.

2. Choose the Right Router Model

As mentioned earlier, Meraki offers a diverse range of router models designed to cater to different business sizes and networking needs. Consult with A5 IT’s team of experts to help you select the best Meraki Router model that fits your specific requirements based on bandwidth, throughput, security features, and scalability.

3. Configure Your Meraki Access Points and Switches

To ensure seamless connectivity and performance, properly configure your Meraki Access Points (APs) and Switches to integrate with the Meraki Router. This includes setting up appropriate VLANs, Wi-Fi access, QoS rules, and network segmentation. Additionally, adopt security best practices to protect your network devices and the data they transmit.

4. Implement Security Policies

Take advantage of the advanced security features provided by Meraki Routers to protect your network from cyber threats. Configure your intrusion prevention system (IPS), content filtering, and VPN settings according to your organization’s security policies and best practices. Continuously monitor and update these policies based on emerging threats to maintain a secure network.

5. Monitor and Optimize Your Network

Utilize the Meraki Cloud Dashboard to gain insight into your network performance, device health, and usage statistics. Leverage these insights to optimize your network settings, address performance bottlenecks, and implement necessary configuration changes. Regular monitoring helps maintain peak performance and ensures a reliable network infrastructure.

6. Ensure Ongoing Firmware and Software Updates

Automatic firmware updates for Meraki Routers provide access to the latest security enhancements and features. Verify that your Meraki devices are set up to receive these automatic updates, keeping your network secure and minimizing the risk of vulnerabilities and downtime.

7. Invest in Support and Training

To guarantee a stable and high-performing network, invest in Meraki licensing and support services. A5 IT provides these services to help you access vital software updates, warranty coverage, and technical assistance. Additionally, consider training your IT team to become proficient in managing and troubleshooting the Meraki Router and related devices, ensuring quick resolution of any potential issues.

Partner with A5 IT for Meraki Router Implementation and Support

When implementing a Meraki Router solution, partnering with a trusted technology provider like A5 IT ensures a successful and secure network deployment. As an experienced provider of IT and networking products, our team of experts can guide you through the selection, implementation, and management of your Meraki Router and related network devices.

At A5 IT, we focus on providing comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs and objectives. By working with us, you can be confident that your network infrastructure is secure, reliable, and scalable, priming your business for constant growth in the digital world.

To start your journey to a high-performing and secure network infrastructure, contact A5 IT today. Stay up-to-date on the latest IT trends and industry news by following A5 IT on Facebook, Twitter and explore our informative blog posts.


Meraki Routers offer a comprehensive and robust solution to keep businesses of all sizes connected in today’s digital landscape. With their advanced features, user-friendly management, and unparalleled security, Meraki Routers can help elevate your network performance and protect your valuable assets.

A5 IT is your trusted partner to deliver and support an optimized network infrastructure, leveraging our expertise in Meraki Routers and other essential IT solutions. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and allow our experienced team to help you build a robust, secure, and scalable network that propels your business to new heights.

Expand your knowledge on the latest IT and networking trends by checking out our blog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Meraki router?

A Meraki router is a networking device produced by Cisco Meraki that provides wireless connectivity and various network management features. It’s known for its cloud-managed capabilities, allowing for remote configuration and monitoring.

Does Meraki have a router?

Yes, Meraki does have a router. They offer a range of routers, including the MX series, which are cloud-managed security & SD-WAN appliances.

Is Meraki WiFi good?

Meraki WiFi is generally considered good due to its robust features, ease of management through cloud-based software, and reliable performance. However, the perception of its quality can depend on specific use cases and requirements.

What is the speed of Meraki router?

The speed of a Meraki router varies depending on the specific model. For instance, the MX84 model supports up to 500 Mbps while the MX250 model can support up to 4 Gbps. Always check the specifications for the particular model.

Why is it called Meraki?

“Meraki” is a Greek word meaning “doing something with soul, creativity, or love.” The company was named Meraki to reflect its commitment to innovatively solving network challenges.

How Meraki works?

Meraki works by providing cloud-managed networking solutions. This means that network devices like routers, switches, and access points can be managed remotely through Meraki’s web-based dashboard, simplifying network management.

Can Meraki work without internet?

While Meraki devices can continue to function without an internet connection, their cloud-based management features will be unavailable. However, the local network services will continue to operate.

Is Meraki a firewall?

Yes, Meraki devices, particularly the MX series, can function as firewalls. They offer features like intrusion prevention, content filtering, and advanced malware protection.

Is Meraki a VPN?

Yes, Meraki can function as a VPN. The Meraki MX security appliances have built-in support for VPN technology, allowing for secure connections between networks over the internet.

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