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The Top 10 Features of BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services




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The Top 10 Features of BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services

In the ever-evolving landscape of networking solutions, BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN services have taken center stage, offering a host of features that redefine connectivity and security. Let’s dive into the top 10 features that make BT Meraki SD-WAN a game-changer in the realm of networking.

1. Stay Connected Anywhere: Explore Global IP Connectivity

BT Managed Services doesn’t just offer connectivity options; it provides a symphony of choices, including SOGEA, FTTP Broadband, and EE’s 4G and 5G networks, ensuring remote users stay connected, no matter where they are. At the core of this seamless connectivity lies Meraki AutoVPN and Traffic Shaping technologies, which efficiently establish and manage branch-office locations across the BT SD-WAN service.

Auto VPN, a standout feature, employs the robust IKE and IPsec protocols for encrypted traffic, creating secure tunnels between endpoints. With the BT Managed WAN team configuring the initial setup, you also have the option to co-manage the network for simple topology changes.

2. Building Secure Networks: Unraveling BT Meraki’s Architecture

The architecture of BT Managed Meraki SD-WAN is a marvel that unites branch offices, remote users, and multi-cloud vendor solutions from AWS and Azure. It’s rooted in the Gartner SASE framework, boasting layer-7 firewall protection, threat and intrusion protection, Cloud Access Security Broker, Zero Trust, Secure Web Gateway, and Layer 3 & Layer 7 Firewall.

This robustness is paired with BT’s diversity and resilience, utilizing dual Ethernet, Broadband, and EE SIMs to ensure uninterrupted connectivity even in the face of adversity.

3. Safeguarding Your Network: Unveiling Meraki’s Security Features

Meraki SD-WAN takes security to new heights with its layer-7 firewall protection via deep packet inspection. This feature not only enhances cybersecurity but also allows administrators to create performance policies based on specific applications or categories.

With Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) integrated into BT Managed SD WAN, threats are detected, prevented, and removed promptly. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is backed by Cisco Talos, ensuring a comprehensive security solution for businesses of all sizes.

4. Navigating Networks: Inside BT Meraki’s Cloud Portal

The BT Meraki Cloud management portal is a gateway to real-time reporting, offering insights into application and network performance trends. Accessible through the BT My Account portal, this centralized cloud environment is designed for read-only access to all elements of the BT Managed solution.

5. Always On Discover Resilient Connectivity with Meraki and BT

High availability and resilience are the backbone of BT’s Ethernet, Broadband, and 4G/5G connectivity. This architecture eliminates single points of failure, enabling rapid recovery in case of device malfunction. With BT underlay and Meraki technology, network reliability is a given.

6. Maximizing Performance: Unleashing Meraki’s Traffic Optimization

Meraki SD WAN’s traffic optimization features are a boon for enhancing application performance. The ability to allocate bandwidth across applications ensures critical business functions take precedence. Meraki’s flow preference features enable traffic direction based on layer 3 application recognition, adding another layer of application performance optimization.

7. Seamless Cloud Connectivity: BT Meraki and Cloud Vendor Access

BT’s Global IP backbone seamlessly connects with cloud vendors like AWS and Azure, offering exceptional network latency performance. With Meraki Auto VPN, setting up cloud endpoints becomes a breeze. Whether it’s AWS or Azure, the same traffic control and optimization principles apply.

8. Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency: The Power of Meraki and BT

Meraki’s optimization capabilities reduce the need for over-provisioning, resulting in cost savings of up to 40%. Leveraging low-cost connectivity options like BT’s SOGEA and FTTP broadband services, businesses can optimize their network performance while keeping costs in check.

Additionally, in situations where broadband speeds prove inadequate, BT’s partnership with EE presents 4G and 5G mobile solutions, offering substantial speeds contingent on coverage.

By merging these budget-friendly connectivity options with Meraki SD-WAN technology, BT furnishes a comprehensive, economical, and efficient resolution for enterprises aiming to optimize their network performance and curtail expenses.

9. Adapting Your Network: Exploring Co-Managed Options with Meraki

Co-managed features allow flexibility in adjusting appliance and deployment settings, routing, and more. BT’s Managed Services ticketing system facilitates bandwidth changes across Ethernet Internet Services, enabling efficient management of network resources based on business needs.

10. World-Class Connectivity: Unveiling BT’s Global IP Backbone

BT’s Global Services, recognized by Gartner, provide unparalleled connectivity on a global scale. The reliability and availability of services are backed by a 100% target availability, ensuring that your SD-WAN solution remains operational at all times. BT’s partnership with Meraki offers low-latency connectivity, ensuring optimal user experience across delay-sensitive applications.

The dependability and accessibility of these services are supported by an industry-leading target of 100% availability. The service level agreement (SLA) instills confidence that BT’s customer SD-WAN solutions will remain operational at all times.

BT Internet services are a seamless fit for the adaptable nature of SD-WAN solutions, given that BT’s services can be customized to address evolving demands.

One of the primary advantages of incorporating BT underlay with Meraki is the minimized latency that it offers, benefiting applications that are sensitive to delays and those deemed mission-critical. The low latency facilitated by BT’s backbone ensures that these applications offer users an optimal experience, a particularly crucial aspect for enterprises reliant on real-time functions such as VoIP, video conferencing, and cloud-based services.


In conclusion, BT Meraki Managed SD WAN services redefine connectivity, security, and cost-efficiency. With features ranging from global IP connectivity to cloud access and cost savings, BT Meraki is undeniably a trailblazer in the world of networking solutions.

Remember, for an even more engaging and insightful experience, feel free to explore the articles in depth. Your network’s future might just take a remarkable turn with BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN services.


1. What are BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services?

BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services represent a cutting-edge networking solution that combines software-defined networking (SD-WAN) with expert management by BT. This service enhances connectivity, performance, and security for businesses’ wide area networks.

2. What are the key benefits of BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services?

These services offer several advantages, including optimized network performance, enhanced security through encrypted connections, simplified management through a centralized dashboard, seamless cloud application integration, and cost savings due to efficient use of network resources.

3. How does dynamic traffic routing work within BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services?

Dynamic traffic routing intelligently directs network traffic across the most suitable paths based on real-time performance data. This ensures consistent application performance even during peak usage times or network congestion.

4. Can BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services improve my cloud application experience?

Absolutely. These services are designed to prioritize and optimize traffic to and from cloud applications, resulting in faster and more reliable access to cloud-based resources.

5. What role does security play in BT Meraki Managed SD-WAN Services?

Security is paramount. These services offer built-in encryption for data in transit, ensuring that your network traffic remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

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